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genetic rennet

With the development of genetic engineering suddenly existed the possibility to use calf-genes to modify some bacteria, fungus or yeast to make them produce Chymosin. Chymosin produced by genetically modified enzymes was the first artificially produced enzyme to be registered and allowed by the FDA in the USA.

Today the mostly used genetic rennet is produced by the fungus Aspergillus niger. The problems of destroying the aflatoxins or the antibiotic resistant genes seem to be solved.

The cheese production with genetic rennet is similar to the production with natural calf rennet. Genetic rennet only contains one of the known main chymosin types – either type A or type B. And some of the other chymosin types found in genetic rennet do not exist in natural rennet. This is also the reason, why special analysis can find out, what kind of coagulant has been used.

Often a mixture of genetic Chymosin and natural pepsin is used to imitate the complexity of natural rennet and to get the same results in coagulation and in development of flavour and taste.

The so called genetic rennets are suitable for vegetarians if there was no animal based alimentation used during the production in the fermenter


goats rennet

this is natural rennet produced exclusively out of kid-goats stomachs