Natural rennet vs. "Microbial-rennet"

The Department for Food and Biochemical Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden has scientifically tested the differences in the use of natural rennet and microbial rennet substitutes.

The main results that have been proved:

  • Even after a short maturation period, the application of "Microbial-rennet" results in bitter components in cheese.
  • The higher yield by natural rennet has been proved at laboratory level as well as at cheese productions. 
  • Even with a cheese production capacity of 2,500 tons per year, the application of "Microbial-rennet" does not bring the expected savings of around EUR 23,590.00 per year, but it results in an annual net loss of around EUR 13,550.00

The results of these tests prove:

Without doubt, natural rennet is the first choice of cheese factories from a quality and from an economic point of view.